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Abzorbed Events has an extensive range of both indoor and outdoor lighting to suit all budgets from the market leading brands..

Whether you are just looking to hire a few uplifters or a follow spot at your awards evening dinner, we have it all covered.

We will listen to your requirments and advise what you need exactly to create that extra wow factor and transform your venue of choice.

Please enquire for a more detailed scope, so we can help you with the lighting that best fits your need. We also have a range of lighting control desks and fully trained and qualified lighting technicians to hire on the day.

Sometimes it is a much bigger event, so we can provide a dedicated lighting crew for your event production, we can organise it all for you under one roof, for your complete peace of mind.





Chauvet rogue r2 Wash lighting

The Rogue R2 LED Wash is a quad-color RGBW LED moving head with zone-segmented LED control for amazing visual effects. Chauvet's Rouge R2 LED Wash has smooth pan and tilt with a fantastic zoom range of  8° to 30° and increadbly smooth color blending.

This new Rogue R2 Wash light from Chauvet has a very small footprint and is great for wash lighting sets and stages, uplighting, effects and with its visual effects creates some fantastic eye candy for on set and stage.


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ETC Source Four 19º Profile

The Source Four is a fantastic lantern great for a wide range of applications from theatre and conference to rock and roll.

This is a brighter and larger version of the Source 4 Junior.  

This model has a 19 degree lens, along with a two-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly.  

The Source Four is supplied complete with a 1/2 coupler, safety bond, gel frame and is wired to a 16A plug.  

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Showline eStrip 10 RGBW LED Batten

The Showline eStrip 10 LED Batten from Philips looks like a Sunstrip but has fantastic colour mixing and pixel mapping capabilities.

When you use the eStrip10 LED Batten for uplighting you get a flat output accross the wall or set unlike other LED fixtures that show the different colour LEDs mixing up the wall or set.

The user can control each cell individually or in groups for simpler control. The SL eSTRIP 10 can be configured to suit any design requirement. Choose the appropriate dimming curve or utilize the in-built chase programs.

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Showtec Event Spot 1800 LED Battery Uplighter

The Eventspot 1800 Q4 is a compact and rugged event lighting fixture with lithium ion battery and wireless DMX functionality. The Eventspot 1800 is ideal for uplighting sets or walls at any type of event.

It is equipped with a 40W RGBA LED which ensures a bright and well defined beam.

These are supplied as a kit of six. Fully charged inside the flightcase will give you a run time of 10 hours.


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Opti RGBA LED Floorcan

The Opti RGBA LED Floorcan is ideal for use as an uplighter or wash light. In addition to the usual red, green, and blue LEDs the Opti RGBA floorcan also has 6 amber LEDs, allowing it to reproduce a far better range of warm colours and pastels than most LED floorcans.

The Opti RGBA can be controlled over DMX, can be set to a fixed colour, can run built in chases, or can run sound-to-light. To simplify programming and to keep effects in sync up to 31 slave units can copy a single master.

The fixture has Powercon and 3/5 pin DMX in and out connectors for easy daisychaining using our powercon  DMX looms, and has a dual yoke for floor standing or hanging.

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Avolites Quartz Lighting Desk

The Avolites Quartz lighting console is the newest addition to the Titan Mobile family, complete with a bright, vibrant 12.1” screen. The Quartz is super compact, measuring only 42.5cm wide.

Dispite the small footprint the Quartz is the ideal companion for all your lighting projects, from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs.

The Quartz size makes it ideal to be used in venues and spaces that traditional lighting desks would take up too much space, Its compact but packed full of features!

Avolites Quartz is also ideal to use as a back-up or extra programming surface, saving you time and money.

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Clay Paky Mythos 2

The Clay Paky Mythos 2 features a new and reliable Osram Sirius HRI 440W lamp, which ensures the extraordinary performances that have made the success of MYTHOS worldwide. The Mythos 2 also features an improved dimming curve and as with the Mythos is a highly advanced form of hybrid light, it has fantastic optics allowing perfectly defined edges from the lens and along the entire length of the beam. The Mythos 2 from Clay Paky also has a beam mode which drops the beam down to an incredible 2.5°.


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55m -100m DMX Multicore (4 - 10 Universe)

Every event needs power and control we have all the DMX and power source you need for delivering that exceptional show stopping performance. Ideal for running DMX and power to Front of House positions where a separate lighting multicore is required or the lighting position is separate to that of the sound desk we also have multicore.

50M Specification

4x 5pin DMX (single universe)

1x 16A mains

This multicore has a capacity of 4 universes. If you require more than 4 universes, please look at our 110m multicore.

This multicore is supplied on a Drum, within a flightcase.

100M Specification

4x 5pin DMX (dual universe)

2x 3pin DMX

1x 16A mains

This multicore has a capacity of 10 universes.

This multicore is supplied in a flightcase.

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Unique 2.1 Hazer

The Look Solutions UNIQUE 2.1 hazer is a very quiet and efficient unit with an extreamly short warm up time of only 60 seconds and a non-linear pump allowing for better control at the lower steps. The UNIQUE 2.1 is controlled via 5pin DMX and has separately control over the fan and pump. 

The variable output allows the unit to produce a fine mist through to a think haze, similar to fog.

One 2l container with give up out up to 50 hours of continuous output.

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